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The first Airflo Flylines felt a streams caress in 1982. The lines were the work of Welsh engineer Paul Burgess, who saw limitations in existing PVC flylines that he felt could be overcome by newer plastic technologies. Turning to polyurethane as the chief of those plastics, Paul set Airflo down a path of technological firsts that would have sweeping effects on the flyline industry.

Airflo has never been shy when espousing the benefits of polyurethane. Their tagline, "someday all flylines will be made this way," is ample evidence of the confidence that goes with being a technology leader. They had to revise that tagline recently, however, as they were able to attain a patent for their newest technological innovation, the Ridge Lines. These lines have become the new hallmark of Airflo's innovative ability and are the first "big leap" in flyline technology since Airflo first began using PTFE as a lubricant. And the good news for Airflo is that no-one can copy it!

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Currently Airflo’s factory resides on a small trout stream in a national park in Wales, UK. They are distributed in over 25 countries, and manufacture lines as OEM’s for several other flyline companies. With people like Charles Jardine, Rene Harrop, Tim Rajeff and Gareth Jones designing their lines, Airflo continues to lead the flyline industry in innovation and technology advances.