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Note to Kanektok Kings: Jay’s on the way…

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

OK, enough is enough already. Several of my dear friends have spun their fishing tales about the amazing fishing for King salmon in the Kanektok River.  Alaska, if anyone on the planet didn’t already know.  Sure, they say, they have their slow days.  But they have their good days too.  How slow is slow and how good is good?  It is difficult to pin these boys and girls down to specifics.  I seen them photos though.  Chrome King salmon.  some large, some small, but all of ‘em Kings none-the-less.

Five days of fishing in June. Five days swinging Intruders.  Five nights of Hickman coaching me and encouraging me and me pretending that I am listening.  Yes Jeff.  No Jeff.  Of course Jeff.

Much different than my usual tidewater Comet fly fishing.  What will I do without Rob to harass me?  Difficult to imagine.  This is immediately exciting and intimidating.  Time for me to expand my comfort zone.  My personal goal is to catch one of the great King salmon.  Just one.  That’s all I need.  More will be OK, sure.  But to put my hand around the caudal wrist of one great Alaska King salmon —-  I will be grateful.

I’m fishing the Kenektok this year. I’ll fish with Jeff Hickman, booking with Deneki Outdoors and Alaska West.  There, done it.  Said it.

I will be fishing for fish I love with dear friends, and oh-my-gosh I am going to have fun.

I have my tackle list put together.  I will fish my trusty TR 7130-4 with a 570 Skagit compact.  I will fish a Burkheimer 9135-4 with a 600 gr Skagit Compact.  When my arms ache from fighting kings all day, I will fish my 5 wt Echo Switch Rod and my Burkie 7115-4 and see if I can lure a few of the legendary mouse eating  rainbow trout.  Hickman knows the river, and he knows the fish.  I can hardly stand it.  Check out some of the stories and photos on the Deneki Outdoors site.

Flies? Yeah I’ll need some big bad flies.  Now you all who know me understand that I will tie some of my Kanektok King flies.  You also know that I will rely on my friends at Idylwilde to supply some of the biggest-baddest Intruder style flies tailored to the most monster Kings the Kanektok has ever seen.  Might even fish a Hickman Fish Taco or two.  Maybe.  Possibly.

I know, talk is, well, talk is just talk.  Time for me to walk the walk.  Kanektok Kings, whoa baby!

Expect routine updates and keep your fingers crossed that I do more than just cast and swing, ok?