The take. The moment of truth. Where all things unconsciously melt away from our minds like a cube of ice in a pot of boiling water. Work, bills, the opposite sex, and all of life's other road bumps are smoothed out and completely forgotten the instant a fish takes our fly. We stand there on the water with wide eyes, caught in a battle stance with an idea of confidence and hope like a Samurai armed with a graphite sword. Stand tall practiced warrior, Tim Rajeff made Echo Rods just for you.

Tim isn't just your average rod designer. He happens to be one of the best fly casters to ever roam this planet (don't tell him we said that), he's a dedicated fly angler, and he understands every technical aspect of rod design. Tim designed Echo Rods to be the best fly rods you can buy. They're not just good starter sticks--they're designed for hardcore anglers from all walks of life, at a price everyone can afford. We hear it every day. "I would have paid twice as much for this rod."

Our response is always the same. "Well, buy another." We sell a lot of rods that way.