Running Lines
Running lines have fast become a staple in fly anglers gear bags. The advantages of using interchangeable heads with different running lines are irrefutable--and whether you're using one or two hand rods, choosing the right running line is just as important as selecting the head. Airflo offers a wide array of running line options so you can use your heads wherever you may go.
Ridge Running Lines
The perfect compliment to any shooting head, Ridge technology comes to the fore on Airflo's running lines. Reduced surface friction not only increases distance, but also helps reduce tangles - loose coils of line slide over each other easily to eliminate snarl ups. A low stretch Power Core and an oversized "Flexi Loop" complete what is Airflo's #1 selling running line.
Fl Yellow (0.36")
Mint Green (0.33")
FL Orange (0.40")
Translucent Aqua Blue (0.37")
Supple Running Line
Extreme cold weather requires a running line that will behave well enough to maintain ones sanity -- let's face it, most of us who fish on days when the line ices up in the guides are pretty crazy anyways. The incredibly sensitive Power Core will help feel takes even when your joints stiffen from the ice forming on your bunting gloves.
Taper: Level
Color: White
MSRP: $39.99
Miracle Braid
Developed by Scandinavian anglers for the underhand style of casting, this permanent buoyancy braid shoots incredibly well and incorporates a semi-stiff central core that helps eliminate tangling.
Core: Single Strand Floating-Poly
Taper: Level
50 yards
MSRP: $29.99
Extreme Tropical Running Line
This ridged running line has a slightly harder coating that's a lot less wiry than mono, but will have your heads winging their way to the horizon.
Core: Power Core
Taper: Level
Color: Grey
30# and 50#
MSRP: $39.99